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Who are we?

Life, Liberty, Property, Atoshi!

Atoshi(ATOS) is a financial solution based on blockchain centralization. Its goal is to build a global free circulation system through blockchain and distributed account technology. This system enables every user to freely conduct international financial transactions. The atoshi adopts five layers of structure: data layer, network layer, consensus layer, contract layer and application layer. The data layer uses the distributed accounting technology to realize the operation of currency issuance, payment and exchange; the network layer uses the P2P network protocol to implement the peer network; the consensus layer is based on the POD and the BFT consensus algorithm; the contract layer uses the creation contract and the multi language intelligent contract to conduct and manage the currency, and optimizes the virtual machine. Support Turing complete, using self-examination mechanism to prevent the deadlock state in Turing complete; the application layer is friendly to various types of terminals, and convenient for the developer to be based on the development and application of the atoshi. By centralization of autonomy, a diversified financial network will be built to enhance the liquidity, security and universality of money. ATOS, as a currency unit in a win-win environment, aims to become a universal currency for international international transactions. As an open system, the atoshi can develop various independent DAPP based on atoshi API, and create personalized application scenarios.

Liao Wang(CEO)

An entrepreneur wants to make the world a better place by blockchain technology. Realizer for the vision of the Bretton Woods system, into football and Future Donald Trump of China.
Richest Chinese in Dubai cryptocurrencies. Pioneer of the Dubai blockchain industry, the speaker of International Blockchain Conference. An iron ambitious man with a decade of successful entrepreneurship. The Iron Man, Wall Street Journal, World News, Tencent News,, Today’s Headlines, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Beijing Morning Post and other dozens of media have had his news interviews. He has in-depth research and insights in the areas of management, stocks, real estate and cryptocurrencies.

His top three magical skills summary:
1)   More than 10 years entrepreneurship have polished the skills to acquire and manage all kinds of talents. He grew up from a humble family and started his business since university to pay his tuition fees. Through10 years of experience in managing, with downs and ups in the past 10 years, he got mature skills to acquire and manage all kinds of talents.
2)   Can achieve the so-called “impossible. “In study, he dominated the top scores. He has the talents to solve problems. For example, his house is installed with the latest models of surveillance system. Technician who have 10 years of installation experience cannot not connect to internet remotely. He used half a night to study and make it done. “The tires were broken, my friend unloaded for a long time but failed. I study the problem for 3 minutes and get it done.”
3)   Deeply understand China and foreign countries well to open up all markets. 10 years of overseas experience, travel to various countries. Communicating with friends from various countries and very much integrated into foreign cultures. He can obtain both foreign market and Chinese local market easier.

Wu Yunsheng(CTO)

Graduated from Beijing University majoring in computer science. Software design expert, system architect, senior project manager; worked for many IT technology companies, served as project manager, technical director, CTO; Have practical experience for Paxos algorithm, consistent hash algorithm, token ring, CAP, DSM, and RDD; From the first hearing of Bitcoin in 2012 to the mining of cryptocurrencies industry in 2013, he witnessed the development of the entire cryptocurrencies and blockchains. He is practitioner and believer of “Crypto is the future”. He was responsible for the research and development of LBS system of China Mobile Group. The system serves 800 million users of China Mobile. He has in-depth research and exploration in the areas of Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and blockchain. He is good at distributed system applications, project planning and project management, information system construction, information security management system consulting, and industry solutions. He has provided technical and consulting services for Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, Tianjin Customs, Beijing Public Security Bureau, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Aviation Museum, Baidu, and SAIC. He has several technical patents and software works. Now he is: CEO of Beijing Chuangxin Technology Co., Ltd., SAIC Motor Group’s Expert Adviser on smart car internet products, and cofounder of Huluteng Public Welfare.

Yu Chuangliang
(Chief IT Engineering)

He graduated from the China National Laboratory of Internet Security and got Master degree in internet security. Very Intelligent. Network security expert, software design expert, system analyst. Good at P2P system architecture, information security, high availability distributed systems, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and other fields. Published many journal articles in the field of information security and large-scale network simulation. He once worked for Tencent and was responsible for the QQ R&D and internet advertising business. During his tenure, he led Tencent’s QQ account system security upgrade and system support capacity expansion, Tencent’s daily multi-billion flow of big data processing and analysis system core developers. He was later headhunted by a TOP5 internet company in south China as a CTO. He was responsible for leading the technical team to conduct large-scale real-time search engine, big data analysis and smart contracting.

(Chief Scientist)

The mysterious Geekman. After all considerations, he wants to be anonymous same as Satoshi Nakamoto. Respecting the will of him and we called him Geekman. Geekman once participated in the core code development of one of the top five mainstream blockchain projects. We may publish the identity of Geekman when the times comes.

Michael LEE
(Chief Internet Security Office)

He graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Alma Master of former China Chairman Jiang Zemin) with a master’s degree in Information Engineering. Network security experts, white hat hackers, offensive and defensive combat experts. Mainly participated and led: intrusion prevention system, vulnerability scanner, vulnerability analyzer, vulnerability mining, spam detection, application network traffic identification, terminal application identification, deep application control, botnet detection, file content reconstruction, Network equipment identification, malicious certificate identification, Internet popular application detection and other products and projects, specialize in fighting all kinds of high-level hackers. He discovered and reported Microsoft and Adobe related product vulnerabilities. Has several technical patents. He is currently working at a Nasdaq listed cyber security company in Silicon Valley and leads 10 people technical teams for the research and development of security products.

Koni Tang(CMO)

Graduated from Northwestern University in the United States with master’s degree in integrated marketing. She has long been engaged in market analysis, user analysis, brand marketing management and other work. She has worked for Google, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Publicis Group, a 4A advertising company. She is currently working as a data scientist for American Express and provides management consulting, big data mining analysis, user portraits, and brand management services for major companies around the world. Customers are in industries such as retailing, e-commerce, financial securities, and international trade.

Liu JiWei
(Head of market development)

He graduated from the major of machinery and automation in the Southwest Jiaotong University. He worked as a visual designer and project manager in a German company. After setting up the lighting company in 2007, it has rich experience in business management and operation. In 2015, the company launched international business development. In the same year, the company formed a trade company in Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico, Turkey, Italy and Spain. Close the business. With rich experience in management and operation of overseas companies, he has extensive experience in international trade and cross border transactions, and is familiar with policies and procedures of various countries.

Huang Gang
(Senior IT Development Engineer)

Software design experts, senior developers, and blockchain technology developers; Active in various blockchain technology communities. He has practical experience in consensus algorithms, cryptographic protocols, and data structures. He is good at Java and golang project development. He has worked in the core system development of a world top 500 Japanese company. He is currently working as a development manager for an IT technology company in Japan. He is mainly responsible for system design and core development of Japan Airlines, Swiss Securities, and Internet finance.

Xianmeixinuer Mujiti

In 2002, he immigrated to Canada as a securities analyst. He graduated from Wuhan University in 1989 and graduated from the MBA in Finance at Renmin University of China in 2000. Prior to immigration, he worked on financing and listing of securities. After immigrating to Canada, he studied at a famous university, SFU. After graduating, he worked for Microsoft Canada for five years. Representatives of several major companies have served in Canada, the U.S., and UAE and have independently expanded their businesses. Established its own excellent market consulting company from the end of 2012 and started to invest in digital currency in 2014. It has a solid background in digital currency and blockchain. Canada’s Kcash and Hong Kong’s ANX international trading platform, as well as Malaysia’s FCC. Have done their operations from the initial planning to the results. Currently owns asset investment management companies, redemption, rolling financing, bank guarantees BG business. She is responsible for the approval for the fund from International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve.

Gong Hao
(Head of China Node)

He currently serves as chairman of Zhuhai Zizhiheng Technology Co., Ltd., senior financial analyst, online trader, digital currency investor. 9 years’ experience in foreign exchange industry. He used to be the chief analyst of Guangdong Wanda Investment and has a keen insight and sensitivity to the trading market. Many years of corporate management experience made him a team’s mentor and have provided investors with substantial investment returns and have formed a unique set of analytical methods. He has profound and unique research on the fundamentals of companies. In the constant practice, he established his own unique trading style and investment philosophy. In 2017, he participated in a world-renowned trading platform’s “Global Trading Contest”. With net trading gaining of 1600%, he received a generous bonus. In the blockchain era, he firmly believed that the blockchain will be the future. It will change the future investment methods and concepts and transform the current securities, finance and stock markets.

Tiziano Bordin
(Head of Italy Node)

Italian,CERTIFIED EXECUTIVE & BUSINESS COACH and GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER. Worked with many business owners and key executives and helped them in deep transformational process that had contributed dramatically to the bottom line. He also has connections to lots of celebrities in Italy.

Manu Reghuvaran
(Head of Indian Node)

Have extensive operating experience as a digital strategist, startup entrepreneur, enthusiast and ardent follower of decentralized systems.
He is the CEO of Papercritics a digital technology innovation firm based in Dubai. Having 20 years experience in the digital innovation and online marketing communication, he worked on various e-commerce, online concepts, activation and digital marketing campaigns for global and regional brands. Previously Manu served as information architect and digital strategist at Wunderman / Y&R Dubai, Creative Consultant/ User Experience/ Digital Strategist roles at Cambridge Technology Partners, Novell Inc and Symphony Services (Harman).
He holds dual bachelor degrees, BFA in Applied Art & BSc in Mathematics from University of Kerala. He also certified in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from IDC- IIT Mumbai, eCommerce & New Economy from Digital Think-Cambridge in 2002 and has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2012.

Majed Al Haddad
(Head of Saudi Arabia Node)

Investor of cryptocurrencies.Architectural graduate, entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Established and managed an engineering consultant office with overseas branches. Worked in contracting company that builds the finest Italian boutiques. Sailing boats and flying airplanes” are passion”. CEO of LUXIERO Real Estate Brokers, 8RENT in Dubai, and an enthusiast of blockchain to make a difference in the world.

A letter to the crypto enthusiast:

Atoshi uses blockchain technology to generate cryptocurrency to be used between countries. This kind of international currency is safer, cheaper, fairer and more convenient. It is limited, decentralized and controlled by everyone around the world.
Bitcoin was invented 10 years ago and there must be better technology than it after 10 years. Many digital currencies are excellent but lack the “iPhone” in cryptocurrency. We decided to fight for it. If you are busy and still confused whether you have wasted your life, do you want to do a big thing in big times? Be a legend, join us, become a part-time volunteer. We will give you ATOS free as a reward for any efforts. If you are a geek, let us use technology to make our life, liberty and property more secure. Let us make the world a fairer place by technology and you will win a Nobel Prize by computing your efforts to change the world to a better place (Please contact: