Dubai real estate tycoon Liao Wang moved to digital cryptocurrency

//Dubai real estate tycoon Liao Wang moved to digital cryptocurrency

Dubai real estate tycoon Liao Wang moved to digital cryptocurrency

In Dubai, a city that is madly creating its own luxury and luxurious image, whether it is the local royal family who have raised a lion or leopard as a pet or the world’s top star to buy luxury homes, it is not as hot as Dubai’s own local tyrants. Today, Dubai is no longer a small fishing village on the edge of the Persian Gulf. It is one of the top ten cities in the world that truly uses oil to start businesses, economics, tourism, and real estate. The rapid development of the city always has some speculative opportunities, making people become millionaires overnight, and things like that happen in Dubai every day. The protagonists participating in the contest are different, and the stories have different situations. And Liao Wang, the representative of our Dubai Chinese, wrote different stories in his own life.

Liao hoped to never mention his former anecdote. He always ridiculed himself to be a counter-attack. Those wealthy people who have the assets of a mansion always like to pack their own life with a famous man, but Liao Wang is different. He bluntly said that he was very poor when he was a child. His hometown was Xingguo County, a famous general town in Jiangxi Province. Although 54 generals were sent to the republic, it did not take off hats in impoverished counties.

When I was a child, I started to waive tuition fees from the first grade of primary school. What kind of kindergarten was I had never seen before, because I had no money to read and simply went to grade one in primary school. In the first semester, the family did not have the money to pay tuition. They wanted to pay the school money later to study first. The parents were embarrassed to go. Liao went to the school and find a teacher to plead for oneself directly.

Liao Wang chats about the first appliance in his home and is a fan. At the end of the college entrance examination, college admission notices had not yet come down. He ran alone to Dongguan to make a summer job to earn some money, bought a fan of 26 yuan, carried and returned all the way back to Jiangxi’s hometown from Dongguan. After graduating from undergraduate in advance in 2006, he worked in Shenzhen and bought a second-hand TV of 260 yuan. He pushed into the train all the way and moved back to his hometown in Jiangxi.

Although his family is poor, but Liao Wang’s academic performance is very good, is a squad leader and hegemony in study, regardless of mathematics, chemistry or politics, admission directly to the key high school junior class was coming from his chemistry number one. Write poems have won number one prizes in provincial key schools of more than 6,000 students. English is a subject that Liao Wang has always liked to study because he has a dream of conquering the world. Former English simulations of the city before the college entrance exam, the total score of 150 points he scored 148 points. It was because of good English learning, Liao Wang was very famous in their county town. Later, a top three real estate model company in the country that was opened by the local people found him and asked if he would like to help them set up a Dubai branch. Liao Wang feel this is golden opportunity for having free food, accommodation and free tickets, he would go anywhere, not to mention Dubai, a luxurious country.

At that time, Liao was production management in a US-funded company, and it would be about 3,000 yuan a month. When he went to Dubai, he could get 6,000 yuan, and Liao he got “lucky poker”. However, it was not long before the Dubai company had decided to withdraw its capital in less than two months. It may be that they had already smelled the financial crisis. It was in mid-2008. When the company wants to go back, Liao Wang feels that he is shriveling and not much different even if he returns to China. Dubai’s ability to get a job easily can earn tens of thousands of yuan in Renminbi and it would be better to stay in Dubai, so he stayed.

So Liao Wang began to interview all kinds of jobs, most are the real estate sales, because he saw a very large amount of outdoor real estate ads everywhere in Dubai, he felt that real estate this kind of easily hundreds of millions of things is very suitable for him. At that time, he had a unique style of resume design. Many companies saw him as very creative and very capable of promoting themselves. Interview found this guy has outstanding ability. Five companies gave him an offer. In the end, he chose a real estate developer Damac. The top three developers in the local area had a monthly salary of around RMB 12,000. The main reason was that there were commissions for sales, and they had to work harder to cap them. For this reason, he rejected the offer of the largest developer Emaar to him, although the conditions are also very generous, each month 18,000 yuan with two weekends, job customer service, responsible for property management, but not sales, no commission, he thinks no challenge, no growth.

In the new company, Liao Wang achieved the sales championship in the first month, and as a newcomer, he worked very hard, braved the summer heat of Dubai over 40 degrees, wearing suit & tie, went to the Chinese market to visit customers at 10:00 in the evening. Not only Chinese customers, but also many foreign customers. A Turkish customer is going to buy a half building, which will cost about 40 million RMB. The application already handed over to the bank. The result is that Lehman Brothers fell and the financial crisis suddenly hit in 2008. In the wake of the bank’s tightening of loans, there is no way this application can be implemented. The company also began to lay off its staff significantly, and more than 300 sales were basically cut off. Every day he watched colleagues go to the headquarters, never came back again, there are 11 days to go through the probation period for Liao Wang, how never thought this day will come to him. In the building of the headquarters, the HR Manager gave him a letter, telling him that because he had not yet completed probation period, he had no compensation, and his wages had to be settled after cancelling work visa. Liao stun, touched his pocket and feel few coins. He went downstairs and grab a black-market taxi job which gets him 35DHA for dinner.

This was the time when he was most desperate. He had no job. He stayed in crowded shared bedspaces. There was a bunk bed in one of the rooms. There were 12 people. They were full of bed bugs. They woke up at night and found that their whole body was swollen by bug kiss. Use borrowed money bought a car to earn some living expenses in black-market taxi. In the end, he can even afford the rent for a bunk bed and he has to go to sleep in corridor. The most difficult time is also the most sobering time. The splendor of real estate sales was also vivid.

Liao Wang felt that he still had to go back and do real estate because the value of the property was several million to tens of millions, and renting a house was also 70,000~80,000 a year. A random commission of 1-2% was astronomical for him. So he went to work for a local cattle brokerage company. The job without basic salary sounds a bit ridiculous. In order to live, he goes to work on black market taxi and earns money for food. Leaking house comes with raining day, a traffic accident happened. Because there was a work permit at that time and it was no longer possible to drive with an international driver’s license, which was equivalent to driving without a license, he was put in a detention center and he was required to pay a fine of 20,000 dirhams. If you can’t hand in payment you will go to jail, you will settle 100 dirhams per day. He recalled this experience, but also half-jokingly said that the detention center eats packets and plays cards, there are TVs to see, don’t have to work, food is still quite good, there are banana apple pudding chicken legs, many compatriots do not understand English needs his translation. He used his good English and love to help. The Chinese compatriots in the detention center also took care of him. He felt that this was better off than sleeping in corridor and worry about meal.

The company that Liao worked on later thought that Liao Wang was an individual has great potential. By depositing his passport to borrow some money he finally came out of the detention center. In the financial crisis, Liao Wang also began to doubt his life and doubted whether real estate could make money. Suddenly one day, Liao rent a house and earn 3,000. It would have been an hour before which is incredible for him. If he can earn 3,000 for an hour what about 10 hours! Liao Wang decided to do it well. In order to avoid the security check, he climbed up at 3am to send leaflets to each building until the sky starts to turn bright then he went back to get some sleep. At eight o’clock start to work until 11 o’clock in the evening until couldn’t do it further. In this way, every day he creates sales miracle. Others can’t conclude a single sale whiles Liao does quite a few orders a day, which make the sales miracle. In almost 10 months Liao Wang accumulated the first pot of life, he decided to start his own intermediary company.

At the time of the financial crisis in 2009, many people were watching and failing to open a real estate company. Liao Wang saw business opportunities in the crisis. He felt that the city of Dubai is in a rising period. The future development of Dubai is bound to be overwhelming. His company is called Atomic Properties, Liao Wang think he and every ordinary person is like an atom, although very small, but has unlimited potential. His company also really broke out like atomic energy. With unusual slogans and strong marketing capabilities, sales abilities, and management capabilities, the company made a net profit of 4 million yuan in the first year, 6 million in the second year, and reached 20 million in the third year. The net profit of the company is about RMB 40 million. Liao use these money buy shops, apartments and villas. Because of the professionalism of the property, he can tell whether each property is undervalued and decide within 1 minute whether to buy the property. When 2011-2013 coincided with the craziest property in Dubai, the shops bought around Dh300,000 had changed hands to 450,000. If you are not in a hurry to release a few months and then rose to 500,000 or 600,000 more shots.

Because of its reputation in the area of real estate investment, in 2012, the Nigerian government had found him in selling their state assets in Dubai. After secured by the famous BSA law firm in Dubai (the owner is the former dean of the Supreme Court of Dubai), Liao Wang bought 46 stores from the Nigerian government. From 2012 to 2014, these properties have nearly tripled in less than two years, plus rents have soared. The annual rent is almost equal to 30% of the investment, and he has completed another leap in capital. The Wall Street Times in the US interviewed Liao Wang specifically, saying that he has turned Dubai International City into a real Chinese community.

If you now say that Liao Wang only succeeded in repelling business, then you underestimated the energy of Liao Wang for his atomic energy. In love, Liao Wang is also a star in Dubai, harvesting the infinite beauty of the eyes of various countries. The success of the business coupled with the personal charm of atomic energy attracted the attention of beautiful girls in various countries. Not only Chinese girls, Spanish, American, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Moroccan and other girls like this young man from China with infinite charm. Many Chinese in Dubai used the legend to talk to foreign women’s girlfriends.

He is currently rooted in Dubai and lives in a thousand square meters of golf landscaped mansion at Jumeirah Golf Estate with his Polish girlfriend (former Polish National Rowing team player). He wholly owns three companies in Dubai, shares five companies, hundreds of suites, three luxury cars and a number of equally valuable license plate numbers, such as 88888,888, etc. These license plates are of investment value. At the same time, he has 15 suites and several sets of high-end golf villas in the surrounding areas of Beijing.

Although started from real estate, Liao surf the tide of this era, but also saw the development of bitcoin and blockchain development. Like the era of real estate speculation in Dubai that year, Liao Wang had a keen sense of control over the opportunities. He had risen to US$350 in the highest period of Litecoin’s US$50 investment price last year. Now he makes a full investment in mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

At present, the market value of Liao Wang’s investment in various aspects is estimated to be nearly 100 million US dollars. He is currently active in the cryptocurrency circle of Dubai and shares and talks with investors in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Arab region on the blockchain. Recently, Liao Wang is preparing for the Dubai cryptocurrency seminar to be held at the Dubai Marriott Hotel. In his speech, he is interested in sharing the advanced ideas of blockchain and cryptocurrency in China.

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