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Ⅰ.At present the main landing project: Atoshi Mall ( please download the APP for experience )
At present, the main landing projects is: Atoshi Mall which uses blockchain to empower social e-commerce. The APP has been launched nearly 6 million times a day, and has over 40,000 daily payments. Daily active users have exceeded one million and has the following characteristics:
In cooperation with Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, our users are enjoying certain discounts when shopping at the above malls through our APP. They save money to buy the same products, and we will also get rebates on the above platform. At the same time, users can also receive ATOS. At this moment, we have nearly 6 million registered users. If each user averagely spend 1 USD on Atoshi Mall daily ,we would have nearly 6 million USD income daily .
Buyers buy products and get ATOS for free, with unlimited potential for currency appreciation, transforming from pure consumers to potential earners, encouraging consumption to boost GDP.
Merchants will settle in, everyone can open a store for free, help sellers destock, and increase GDP.
You can also start a business at home: by sharing apps, you can turn idle time into productivity; as long as you work hard, your monthly income may exceed 10,000 yuan!
Sharing subsidies for households: Work hard and get more, and give wealth to the workers!
Ⅱ.The Other Active Applications
Ⅲ.Applications of long-term planning
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           Angel investment

          We are looking for anagel investment companies with:

            1. Company's business should have vast potential users.

            2.Company we invested can accept ATOS for a payment with discount rate.

            3. Companies has huge growth potential.

          If your company is in these categories, please contact us:

          +971528888968 +8618518888388

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