why does the world need crypto currecny and how to invest

//why does the world need crypto currecny and how to invest

why does the world need crypto currecny and how to invest

The evolution of the currency shows that shells was used as currency before, and later people used copper, and then silver and gold;

After the economy developed rapidly, people realize that gold was not easy and safe to store and transport because it was too bulky to transport and not easy to be divided for daily use, so banknotes appeared.

Now that the economy has grown much more, we have discovered that international payment takes 3-5 business days, and that the US dollar is robbing the world’s wealth in disguise. . . Therefore, cryptocurrencies created by using cryptography and programming are more trustable, faster and keeps value better.

Same like gold, bitcoin is limited, very precious (only 21million available), can not be faked or reproduced…bitcoin has all the merits of gold but more easy to divide, to do transactions anywhere in the world only need seconds, to store only need a mobile.
If you have read “A Brief History of Humankind” and “A Brief History of Tomorrow” . . . you will know this is the next generation currency.

If you still not understand, let me give some example to make it easy.
For example, today I must transfer 100,000 U.S. dollars to invest. As a result, I can’t do it because there is a holiday going on for banks and my investment will be delayed by at least 3 working days. . . In this way I may lose good investment opportunities. . . . I wanted to buy ripple in Jan 2018 and bank returned my remittance of half million dollars request saying that the form of remittance had typing error …then ripple went up 4 times in a week and I lost my opportunity of making 2million dollars.

If someone travelled abroad, had a car accident and desperately need huge amount money for surgery, otherwise life in danger, this is impossible to be done using current banking system. Life is priceless! There is no way can solve these pain points now, I initiated IMFO(International Monetary Freedom Organization) and Atoshi. Atoshi is a blockchain to generate cryptocurrency to be used between countries, which is safer, cheaper, fairer and more convenient. Atoshi is limited, decentralized and controlled by everyone around the world. Atoshi secures the life, liberty, property and fairness in a better way.

Crypto currency can transfer money internationally in seconds any corner of the world. And the cost is extremely low, you just need to sit in home and get it instantly. I have used Western Union to send money, which is slow, and the fee is expensive. I must wait until Western Union’s counter opening time before I can withdraw money. It is said that the fee for transfer money in some countries even upto 10%.

Bitcoins went up 30million times since 2009, which means that if you just invested 1USD, now your return is 30million USD.There is one Chinese guy who used to sell beef before…after he bought bitcoins his whole family immigrated to USA and bought a mansion of 10000sqm in Silicon Valley.
One young boy, he start to write articles about Bitoins for 2.5 Bitcoin per article in 2012 and later he started Ethereum , then at the age of 22, he already made 5 billion …that’s more money than Donald Trump who is more than 70 year old. The name of this young boy is Vitalik Buterin

If crypto currency investment is considered risky, do not exceed 10% of assets or one month’s salary. If you earn tens of thousands of times, your 10000 become 100Million and you can become a legend of wealth; if you lose, it is still affordable. Stock markets one day may go up 10% to recover your lost.

The top 10 crypto currencies is relatively less risky to invest. If you want to know which is top 10 cryptos, just go to coinmarketcap.com , you will see the top 10.

However, there are a lot of new coins came to the market…they are more risky while have much much more returns possibilities …if you have bought Lisk which is 0.1USD in March 2017 and Lisk went up to 38.4USD in Jan 2018…which means 384 times return in less than a year…. or if you have bought Binance Coin which went up from 0.1USD/BNB to 22USD/BNB in only 6 months, which is 220 times gain!

When came to a new coin, how do you know which coin can succeed and which one may fail?

Simple …to see if they have a vision, to see if they have a dream to change the world , have a mission to make the world a better place , to see if they are a doer or just a speaker?

Most importantly look the team especially the core leader of the team, if you have chosen Genghis Khan, even how humble he is from ,even Khan’s father was poisoned to death when Khan was 9, and he spent time as a slave during his teenage years. He still united the Mongol tribes and went on to conquer the world and build up the largest ever empire in human history.

If you have choose King Louise XVI of France, even how glorious and powerful he used to be , he would failed in the end and executed.

Writer: Liao Wang(CEO Atoshi Foundation), copy write protected; Welcome to publish anywhere but must mention writer: Liao Wang (CEO Atoshi Foundation)

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