CCTV reports “Facebook may issue of its own cryptocurrency”

//CCTV reports “Facebook may issue of its own cryptocurrency”

CCTV reports “Facebook may issue of its own cryptocurrency”

The previous business news website Cheddar quotes that Facebook plans to introduce its own encryption currency.

Facebook’s efforts in cryptocurrency technology were allegedly led by David Marcus, who began leading the newly formed blockchain department early this week, “to study how to start from scratch to utilizes blockchain technology for Facebook platform”.

Today, CCTV Finance reported on “Facebook may issue of its own cryptocurrency”. This year’s major national conference talked about blockchain technology. The blockchain became a hot topic at the two conferences. CCTV publicly reported on Facebook may issue of it’s own cryptocurrency was shocking to people outside the circle. Market speculation may reveal another signal.

Earlier, some media reported that China may relax its supervision of cryptocurrencies.

If Facebook is coining, imagine that impact is comparable to NASDAQ accepts Bitcoin transaction.
At that time, the 2018coindesk consensus conference is in progress, and bitcoin prices will fluctuate as well. As of press release, according to the data of the Coin Pro data, bitcoin is now reported at 87,717.75 US dollars, a decrease of 0.78%. (Golden Finance).

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