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The evolution of currency in human society

First of all: Why is a banknote that may cost only a few cents can buy a hundred-dollar product? To answer that, we must first understand the evolution from physical currency to bookkeeping currency inhuman society. Secondly, we need to understand the information transmission mechanism in the Internet world where we are now. This is also the key to understanding [...]

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why does the world need crypto currecny and how to invest

The evolution of the currency shows that shells was used as currency before, and later people used copper, and then silver and gold; After the economy developed rapidly, people realize that gold was not easy and safe to store and transport because it was too bulky to transport and not easy to be divided for daily use, so banknotes appeared.

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Dubai real estate tycoon Liao Wang moved to digital cryptocurrency

In Dubai, a city that is madly creating its own luxury and luxurious image, whether it is the local royal family who have raised a lion or leopard as a pet or the world’s top star to buy luxury homes, it is not as hot as Dubai’s own local tyrants. Today, Dubai is no longer a small fishing village on [...]

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CCTV reports “Facebook may issue of its own cryptocurrency”

The previous business news website Cheddar quotes that Facebook plans to introduce its own encryption currency. Facebook’s efforts in cryptocurrency technology were allegedly led by David Marcus, who began leading the newly formed blockchain department early this week, “to study how to start from scratch to utilizes blockchain technology for Facebook platform". Today, CCTV Finance reported on “Facebook may issue [...]

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Turing Award Winner: Blockchain and cryptocurrency represents a revival of cryptography

Bitcoin or blockchain all have everything to do with cryptography. The ongoing Consensus blockchain summit has invited legendary cryptography scholar Whitfield Diffie, who won the Nobel Prize in computer computing in 2015. The predecessor was a pioneer in the study of public-key cryptography. He and Martin Hellman's 1976 publication "Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange" was the basis for many future network security [...]

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