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ATOS, a cryptocurrency used between countries: “Say goodbye to dollars”


Each country should issue currency so that government can mobilize its resources to make the country better. However, the currency used between countries should not be issued by one country but should be issued by a decentralized blockchain network and under the control of everyone in the world. In future, cryptocurrencies will become international currencies and foreign reserves, and ATOS which is based on the Atoshi blockchain will be part of them. The currencies used between countries and in foreign reserves are now over 200 trillion US dollars. This is the market for ATOS. If we account for 10% of the market, our market value will be 20 trillion US dollars.

Atoshi has the following magical facts:

  1. Fair Atoshi

Dollars is robbing the world. Dollars continue printing, diluting our country foreign reserves and wealth. The dollar is a piece of paper printed at almost 0 cost and can buy oil gifted by our ancestors or products produced by our people’s hard work.
Atoshi uses blockchain technology to generate cryptocurrency to be used between countries. This kind of international currency is safer, cheaper, fairer and more convenient. It is limited, decentralized and controlled by everyone around the world.
Bitcoin was invented 10 years ago and there must be better technology than it after 10 years. Many digital currencies are excellent but lack the “iPhone” in cryptocurrency. We decided to fight for it.

  1. Solid Atoshi

Atoshi aims to solve the disadvantages of gold, bitcoin and others: bitcoin’s slow block rate; high fees; anonymous and untraceable criminals activity; waste of electricity, not Eco-friendly; a single mining pool controlling 50% of the computing power has ability to attack the bitcoin network. These have made bitcoin impossible to become a currency used as foreign reserves. Ethereum is better, but its TPS is only 15, too slow for this kind of use. The EOS has 5% annual issuance, also a problem to becoming a currency between countries.

  1. Grand Atoshi

ATOS aims to be a cryptocurrency used between countries, using Atoshi blockchain technology to realize the vision of the Bretton Woods system, and build a “Federal Reserve” in which the people of the world can participate equally. The currencies and foreign reserves used between countries are worth over 200 trillion US dollars. That is the grand market for atoshi.

  1. Faithful Atoshi

The team itself invested 5 million USD and founding team’s token full release requires 8 years. Token for the Atoshi Foundation locks up for 10 years before it is fully released.
Achieving the mission of a better world is our first dream. We are here to write history and naturally become rich too. We are armed with a strong will and call on you to join us for this big time. 

  1. Bullish Atoshi

ATOS aims to be perfect as the “iPhone” in cryptos. There are several hundred trillions of dollars used as international currency, and ATOS has only 100 billion in total. If 10USD/ATOS, in total then ATOS is worth 1 trillion USD, even less than 1% of whole market.
ATOS has the advantages of gold and bitcoin but doesn’t have their disadvantages. The only difference is that gold is not easy to carry and divide, and ATOS, like Bitcoin, is more easily divided and easy to carry. Bitcoin value rose by 26 million times in 9 years, ATOS also has that huge potential.


Join us
If you are busy and still confused whether you have wasted your life, do you want to do a big thing in big times? Be a legend, join us, become a part-time volunteer. We will give you ATOS free as a reward for any efforts. (Blockchain geek, please contact:

International money transfer takes at least 3 days. If someone had a car accident in a foreign country, and needed immediately surgery to save life, how would they receive the money in time? The costly surgery requires international money transfer to pay immediately before surgery start, nowadays, it is impossible to transfer the money quickly. Let’s help the world together.

ATOS can transfer in seconds, whether you are in any corner of the world. Just use your mobile, money transfers immediately at 0 cost.

ATOS may go up thousand times but not 100% gains. Your investment in ATOS should not exceed 10% of personal assets or one-month salary. If your 1000 becomes 10Million, you will become a wealthy legend; If lost, it is still affordable.

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